Ginger – Turmeric – Lemon

Ginger – Turmeric – Lemon! 

Every morning I start my day with ginger, turmeric and lemon juice! I use ALL fresh and organic products and put them straight into my juicer! It has become my go-to because it has SO many health benefits! I don’t have a specific recipe but I try and use about 1 lb of ginger, 1/2 lb of turmeric and finish it off with the juice of 1-2 lemons.

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Why Turmeric?

  1. Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Increases the antioxidant capacity of the body
  3. Boosts brain function and could lower the risk of brain diseases
  4. Anti-aging properties
  5. Pain Relief
  6. Digestion

Why Ginger?

  1. Also Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Relieves muscle pain
  3. Settles the stomach
  4. Can help regulate blood sugar
  5. May help prevent heart disease
  6. Can reduce the risk of diabetes
  7. Can ease menstrual pain
  8. Fights infection
  9. Also improves brain function
  10. Helps with nausea

Why Lemon?

  1. Promotes hydration
  2. Great source of vitamin C
  3. Improves skin quality
  4. Supports weight loss
  5. Aids in digestion
  6. Freshens breath
  7. Helps maintain the pH of the body

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!



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