Fresh Juice Friday

This post is dedicated to all the juicers out there!

I have just recently started juicing and I have to say that it’s very addicting!

Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with tomato juice, V8 juice, Bloody Mary’s… With that said, many of you won’t be surprised when I share my favorite homemade pressed juice recipe with you!

Introducing: Dannah’s Delicious V7

V for veggie and 7 because it’s not only my lucky number, but it’s the number of veggies that go into this amazing recipe!

I know it’s actually 6 veggies and 1 fruit (the tomato) but V7 just sounded better than V6+1, so they are going to all be considered a veggie in this mix…lol!

Put the following in your juicer:

4-5 Large Organic Tomatoes

4 Big Celery Sticks

3 Large Skinned Carrots

1 handful of Parsley

2 Handfuls of Spinach

2 Medium Lemons

1 Medium Lime

What comes out… Delicious, fresh, homemade V7!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the ingredients, you might want more of one thing, less of another, just depends on your personal tastes!

Juice away!!

Enjoy! xo