Foods for a flat tummy!

In my opinion, one of the most challenging things about getting fit and staying fit is “the kitchen aspect “of living a clean lifestyle.

How many times a day do you walk over to your refrigerator looking for something yummy into which to sink your teeth?  For me this happens anywhere from 10-15 times a day!  I catch myself constantly migrating towards the fridge only to open it, stare inside, close it and walk away.  I usually end up repeating this exact scenario 10 minutes later….as if something new, delicious and tasty would magically appear!

We have to be honest….Snacking is almost impossible to avoid!

That agreed, here is a list of some belly flattening foods and drinks that are great to eat between meals!

A cup of Green Tea

A glass of water with a wedge of fresh lemon squeezed into it

A few tablespoons of Cottage Cheese

Greek Yogurt

Cinnamon (LOVE it on top of Greek yogurt)

Sliced Cucumber


Sliced Tomatoes

Fresh Spinach

Miso Soup

Hard Boiled Egg

A sliced Banana

A fistful of Almonds

An Avocado Halved with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil based dressing

Grapefruit slices

A cup of Berries

Sip some Apple Cider Vinegar (I know it sounds gross but it’s so good for digestion, speeding up your metabolism & a flat tummy)

Healthy Snacking Everyone!

Dannah xo